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Girl in pieces

In shatters… In ruins.. In pieces of ugly… In covers of pain

We share in the life of her

Shes one born out of wedlock with no father figure.. With no one to call his baby… 

Shes one who has lived under a cold roof for years with her mother constantly telling her shes a mistake and how her life would be better without her in it…. 

Shes one with no mother to guide her through life..and no father to protect her from the big boys around and tries to figure out  all on her own… And at a young age sits and wonders ‘why me’

Shes one that reached puberty and started falling for the bad boys ‘because everyone said they are soo cool’ and there was no one to tell her they cause harm too… 

Shes one who got raped by her boyfriend because she said ‘why cant we wait for when am ready’bruised and in pain both inside and out..

Shes one who hurts from searching for the words ‘i love you’ from somebody ..no ..anybody even if they might not mean it.. 

Shes one living alone and in pain… Under the covers of a smile and wakes up each morning with a mascara line due to the tears of last night.. Picks up her bag and smiles through the work hours… 

Shes one shattered to pieces at so much as a young age as this… 

So we uncover you of the name they call u ‘bastard ‘ for honey we are your family your not alone

We uncover you of the family you felt you  didnt have for honey  your the only human you need in this world

We uncover you of your ignorance of not knowing that bad boys are trouble  honey remember that there are good ones you just have to wait for them 

We uncover you of the horrible past of rape… It kills the mind honey i cry with you just know we are here and you are precious 

We uncover You of your lonliness honey you dont ever have to be alone…. Enjoy your own company and your positive vibe will attract positive people… 

I know you think ‘oh am a wreck ‘ or  ‘why cant my life be beautiful too’….

Take your hands which you use to cover your shame and build… 

My love in you is the power to control the universe by your own terms…

Make your happy place in you… 

Dont apologize for needing your space to heal.. 

Cry baby cry it out… 

And when you wipe those tears… Choose to make your life beautiful with all the strength  you have 💪

Your in pieces of beautiful but never alone


Yes covers….

All things have advantages and disadvantages ‘yeah we all know that’

Covers too have theres 

Tho the worlds covers can somedays be a burden.. ‘hope im not alone here💃’

So theres the worlds perception of whats right to wear and whats wrong..its either too decent or too indecent for them… 

And when a girl askes a guy out its like ‘sister why’.. And if you dont they say you lack girl power😟..

You swipe through a magazine that tells you ‘girl your beautiful whether you are fat or slim’ but on the next page all the models you see are skinny some look like they havnt even eaten for days… Confusing right?

Guys struggle daily with whether to be good or bad guys as the world says ‘good boys aint no fun’ and girls like fun ‘i know i do’

So heres to us removing the covers because me am tired

So we uncover the world of its do’s and dont’s 

We uncover the various yes and no’s people bombard us with based on their perception

Remember to run your various thoughts through you first 

Let your concience lead you honey 

Learn to not turn and follow every road 

For yours is yours and theirs is theirs…

And remember its your life.. Live it